Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clientele Recommendations:

Shana Dee has been styling my hair for over four years and I could not be happier! Not only is she a great stylist, she has great customer service, runs on time and really listens to her client's needs. She is always up-to-date on the latest trends as well and has a fantastic personality!

Shana Dee has to be my best experience at getting my hair cut. I am the type who finds getting my hair cut a chore, and I am generally uncomfortable during the process. Shana Dee is super friendly and welcoming and has a way of making you feel like you are just sitting down with a good friend. The hair cuts were great. She always asked what wasn't right and what needed to be changed or improved upon. Great care and expertise.

Shana did my hair for my wedding and my bridals. You know you can trust someone with your own hair when they have great hair. Shana has great hair. She did an amazing up-do for both days and she was so integral to making me feel beautiful on one of the most important days of my life. Thank you Shana!
Shana Dee is the best hairstylist I have ever had! She is a master with color - especially blond, which very few colorists know how to do right. Also great for styling - she did my hair for events and it always looked fab! When I lived overseas, I used to plan my trips home to align with when I needed a cut and color, just so I could have Shana do my hair. So bummed she's moved, but AZ's loss is DC's gain!
Shana Dee is AMAZING
Kasey T. Shana Dee is the BEST hair stylist I have ever had. I am so picky when it comes to my hair... I would consider myself probably a nightmare client. If it isn't EXACTLY how I want it I will not be satisfied. Every-time Shana Dee does my hair I LOVE it. I will fly out just so that she can do my hair! She is so nice and friendly and will answer questions for you anytime any place. She wants what's best for you and your hair. She is a great person and a wonderful stylist. 
Amazing Stylist
Mindi M. 5 Aveda Georgetown Incorporated
Shana Dee is an amazing stylist. I was scared to put color in my hair but with her skills it turned out great and looked natural. I always receive many complements on my hair cuts thanks to Shana. She has over 10 years of experience which always shows in the end product, my hair!

Shana Dee - 2 thumbs up!
Marc P. 5 Aveda Georgetown Incorporated
Shana Dee is the best. She cut my hair for years until she relocated. You won't be disappointed. I was tempted to jump on a plane and jet across the country for a haircut, but I guess I have to be nice and share. The D.C. area has inherited one of the best.

Shana Dee!!!
Madison G. 5 Aveda Georgetown Incorporated
Shana Dee is the best hairdresser I have ever had. I went to her when she lived out in AZ and she is the most talented hairdresser ever. Her knowledge of color is amazing. I showed her a picture and she did exactly what I wanted. Even though I went from dark, dark brown to light blonde, she was able to keep my hair totally healthy and gorgeous. Also, she is super sweet and makes you feel beautiful. GO TO SHANA DEE

For great color and cut!
Amy C. 5 Aveda Georgetown Incorporated
Ask for Shana Dee. Not only is she genius with helping you figure out your most flattering hairstyle, but she is also a wiz with color. By far she's been my favorite hair stylist I've ever gone to. I also appreciate that she listens and takes what you want in to consideration and makes it better than what you could have imagined for yourself.

Shana Dee knows curly hair. If you have curly hair and have never been happy with the cut, then you need to try Shana Dee. She cuts each curl individually at an angle. For the first time in my life I LOVED MY CURLY HAIR! It laid perfectly! She was friendly & told me about the Aveda line but did not push them! 

BEST Stylist I have ever been to.

I recommend Shana Dee at Salon Tru. I am usually nervous about changing stylists, but after Shana Dee highlighted and trimmed my hair I walked out of the salon with a smile on my face. I will definitely be going back to her! She is also very knowledgeable about hair products and educated me on how to get the most volume out of my fine hair.

BEST haircut in Scottsdale with Shana Dee. Wow. I had my curly hair cut from long to extremely short. From the consultation, which was done with total care and focus on what would be right for my face and hair type, to the AMAZING razor cut that was made, she Shana Dee was great. Everyone who sees my hair loves it, and I could not be happier. Best hair value in Scottsdale, hands down.

Shana Dee to Perfection!. Shana Dee was the Best in Boise and is greatly missed. But let me tell you, that girl really knows her stuff! She definitely has a gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I never trusted anyone with my hair until Shana Dee, but she always made me feel comfortable and at ease as she cut and styled my hair. She always knew exactly what I was thinking as I would try to explain what I wanted, and she would add her own ideas for what turned out to be a wonderful style for me and an altogether pleasant experience. I trusted her completely, and I was never disappointed.

Super stylist. Shana Dee is extremely talented with color!!! She magically transforms my graying, mousy brown crown back to the vibrant, glossy color of my youth. The light browns and highlights look so natural! I highly recommend her!!!

Shana Dee, Best Hair Stylist. Shana Dee is Fantastic! Shana Dee has been cutting and coloring my hair for the past 3 years with great results. I am constantly getting asked, "who does your hair"? She has always made me feel very special with her caring and thoughtful attitude. She is one of a kind! I highly recommend Shana Dee and I'm sure going to miss her in Boise.

Shana Dee is the best!!!!. Shana Dee has been doing my hair for years now. Shana Dee knows all the latest styles and is able to customize to each persons preference. I also have liked that Shana will give me an honest opinion about new styles and what would look good on me. Whenever my friends or I get our hair done by Shana we are always complimented on how good our hair looks or we get asked who does our hair. Shana has a wonderful way of making you feel special with her head massages or hand massages while getting your hair done. Since Shana is not living in the same city as me I cannot tell you how good the salon is but I can highly recomment Shana Dee to do your hair and I guarentee you will be happy with the results!

Shana Dee is fabulous!. Shana Dee has cut and colored my hair for almost 3 years and not once was I disappointed with her work. I have very thick, wavy hair and she was able to make it manageable and stylish, which has been a challenge for me my whole life. I always looked forward to my time with with Shana Dee; not only because is she an excellent hair colorist/stylist, she was always a blast to chat with! I hope she comes back to Boise soon!

Shana Dee-the solution for difficult hair!. Salon Tru in Phoenix is so lucky to have Shana Dee added to their team. I have been a client of Shana's for the last 5 years, and have never been happier with any other stylist. She really knows what to do with my really difficult, thick curly hair. She always makes her clients feel comfortable and at ease. She is so friendly and dedicated to her job and clients, that she is even flying back to Boise next year to do my hair for my upcoming wedding! She is truly a remarkable stylist and is greatly missed in Boise!

Shana Dee gives the best haircuts around. Shana has done my hair for almost 4 years, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who can become their hairstylist that they can count on. Shana listens to everything you ask, and gives great advice. She also does great coloring, as that is her passion.

Shana Dee works magic!. Shana Dee is very knowledgable in her profession. She is an extraordinary colorist, she has an innate ability to give the best hair style to suit your face, lifestyle, and ease of management. She is attuned to the specific needs of her clients and creates the most stunning styles and colors to make you look terrific. She takes the time to be sure she and her clients are in agreement on what outcome is expected.

Shana Dee, outstanding hair stylist. This is a review for hair stylist, Shana Dee, who is new to Salon Tru and the Phoenix area: Shana Dee had been cutting and coloring my hair every month for more than five years. She also straightened my hair twice a year. Shana Dee is genius with a scissors and a master chemist of color! In all those years, I never had a disappointing cut/color or straightening. Shana Dee managed to keep my look current without making me look foolish (seeing how I'm a woman of a certain age). 

I will truly miss her, and think Scottsdale is so lucky to have her. She gives her clients 100% attention, and her strong, yet gentle, hands give a fabulous scalp massage. To top it all, she is sweet and kind, and I recommend her with no reservations whatsoever. Scottsdale, take advantage of her marvelous talent!

Shana Dee is an expert. I have naturally curly hair that sometimes has a mind of it's own. In the past, I have had a hard time finding a stylist that really knows how to cut and color curly hair. But when I tried Shana Dee, I knew I had found an expert. Shana always listens to my ideas and adds suggestions of her own. She keeps up on the latest techniques and styles, and she always gives great customer service. Frequently, complete strangers with curly hair ask me who my hair stylist is. I highly recommend Shana Dee!

Great cuts and color by Shana Dee. Shana Dee really knows how to cut and color. I have thin hair, and she definitely could cut and style it to make it look a lot fuller. She always had the perfect advice on color and really knew all of the Aveda products well. After a cut by Shana Dee, you'll leave feeling glamourous.

Best Colorist and Cosmetologist. I have been a client of Shana Dee's for the past 5 years in Boise, Idaho and she has always done an excellent job. I would highly recommend her to anyone who enjoys trying different hair colors and great haircuts. She has an innate ability of combining great hair colors and haircuts with a clients personal features. I always walked out the salon feeling like a million bucks after a session with Shana. She always has great customer service and you can tell that she really cares about her clients. You won't regret coming to Shana for a fresh new look.

Best hair color ever, if you get stylist Shana Dee. You have a great new stylist at Salon Tru. You will have to book with Shana C. She has been doing my hair for 5 years in Boise, Idaho and she just moved to Phoenix in July 2006. She is by far the best stylist I have ever had. I have never found anyone that can formulate color for my blond hair as she can. The caramels and blonde she uses when she colors my hair looks so great. I always receive complements from complete strangers after a visit to see her. The look is so natural. Plus, she does a great scalp massage when you get your shampoo. She is also great at cutting my hair. My hair is extremely thick and she manages to texturize it so it flows beautifully and is easy to manage and style afterwards at home. I am now planning on flying to Phoenix to have her color and cut my hair at least twice a year. She is that good!

Wow! This girl know's her stuff!. You know how you search for that one person who can give you that "Perfect Do," that "Magic," that only happens once in the preverbial blue moon? Shana Dee did that for me! Certain hair dresser's have that special something, that intuitive direction to make beauty queens out of roller derby queens. I only wish she lived closer to me so that I could have her cast her spell over my hair all of the time. Unfortunately, I live near the Canadian boarder and am unable to have that privledge. The great news is that after growing my hair quite long, Shana Dee was able to shape and mold it into that hair-do I've only dreamed about! This girl should not only get great reviews, but she should get RAVE reviews! Believe me, if you want the perfect color, the perfect cut, and a look that gets "The Looks," Shana Dee is the the stylist for you too.

Shana Dee is fantastic!!. Salon Tru is extremely lucky to have acquired such a talented hairdresser as Shana Dee. I was a client of Shana's from Boise and getting my hair done was always such a highlight! Shana always seemed to know exactly what I wanted my hair to look like and used hair cutting techniques that worked best for my particular hair type. Plus, my hair always looked the best when I left the salon.

best colorist. I have flow from DC to get my color done by Shana Dee. My hair always looks beautiful when she is finished. When I change my hair from blonde to brown she alway chooses the best color for me and it always looks natural. People always ask me who does my hair. I love the way she round brushes my hair. She's great at recommending which products work for my new style and teaching me how to style it at home. Shana Dee is so friendly and thoughtful, she pampers me when I am at the salon by giving me a hand massage and what ever I want to drink. Sometimes she gives me a lipstick touch up and teaches me a new make up tip. You can tell she knows what she is doing and that she loves her profession. I would reccommend her to any body, she is well worth the price.

Salon Tru Stylist Shana Dee--"The Best Colorist and Stylist in the West.". Shana Dee was my stylist for over 5 years while she resided in Boise, Idaho, and worked at Panache'-- an Aveda concepts salon and spa. Shana is a magician when it comes to cuts and colors! I was referred to her by someone whose hair color was awesome! When I first went to Shana, I was trying to be a blond, but the other salon I had gone to previously could never get it right and it was brassy with lots of red low lights. YUK! Shana knew just what I wanted, and can do any hair style you want from a picture! Also, I have been growing my hair out, and with Shana's magic touch, I never suffered the "in-between" uglies. I miss her here in Boise. Scottsdale is lucky to have her.

Shana Dee. Shana Dee, at Salon Tru, is the most creative, experienced colorist I have ever worked with. For five years, until her recent move to Phoenix, she has kept my style and color current and given me a great look. I highly recommend her and she is very much missed!

I highly recommend Shana Dee Brown for color and hairstyle!. I am writing this review to give 5 stars for the services of Shana Dee Brown at Salon Tru. I can honestly say that she is an expert in hair color, and I was highly satisfied and extremely relieved to find her. Please read on: First off, I have been a devoted and loyal fan of Aveda products for many years. What I didn't realize is that the level of Aveda salon services can differ so drastically due to the poor corporate structure of Aveda. I moved to Scottsdale from San Francisco one year ago. In San Francisco I entrusted the care of my blonde, highlighted hair to one Aveda stylist for 5 years. Upon my move to Scottsdale, I had the only two horrendous hair experiences at two different Aveda Salons. The first horrendous experience was Icon Hair Architexture in the Summit Center, Scottsdale; the second horrendous experience was at 2BUSALON at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Both claimed to be Aveda Salons. At 2BUSALON, the hairdresser, Crystal, had essentially no Aveda experience when she was referred to me by their receptionist. She was "coached" by the other stylists during my appointment. This was after I asked for an experienced senior level Aveda hairdresser, and was told by their receptionist that "everyone" was Aveda trained. When I left 2BUSALON, after 4 hours of "on the job training" my beautiful blonde hair was orange! I had to have this color corrected by my stylist when I returned to San Francisco for a visit, but was told I had to wait for at least a month because of the damage done. My other horrid experience was at Icon Hair Architexture Salon, by their stylist Marnie. After an initial consultation with Marnie, she decided mid way through the highlight experience to apply a base in a "cool" tone rather than the usual "warm" tones that my former hairstylist had supplied her with the colors she has used for 5 years. She decided not to inform me in this decision. Unfortunately Marnie advised me of this as she was removing the foils, and told me that in her opinion, this looked more "natural." I advised her that if I wanted to be dishwater blonde "natural" I wouldn't be sitting in her chair. I was fuming! 


I am absolutely thrilled to find Shana Dee Brown and Salon Tru. She is a well experienced color educator for Aveda, and I could tell immediately that the entire staff had a loyal client following. I felt welcomed by the front desk, and I knew instantly I was in the right place. Shana put me at ease during the consultation process, and after the color and beautiful hairstyle (I have long layered hair), my hairstyle lasted three days. The color is still beautiful, and I have had many compliments. I did read a couple negative reviews of the physical appearance of the salon, and I would completely disagree. The Salon Tru is in Old Town Scottsdale where the buildings are quaint adobes. This Salon is clean, beautiful, welcoming, well ventilated and comfortable. I pre-booked my next appointment, and I would say that the fees are very reasonable for Scottsdale, Arizona

BEST haircut in Scottsdale with Shana Dee. Wow. I had my curly hair cut from long to extremely short. From the consultation, which was done with total care and focus on what would be right for my face and hair type, to the AMAZING razor cut that was made, she Shana Dee was great. Everyone who sees my hair loves it, and I could not be happier. Best hair value in Scottsdale, hands down

I recommend Shana Dee at Salon Tru. I am usually nervous about changing stylists, but after Shana Dee highlighted and trimmed my hair I walked out of the salon with a smile on my face. I will definitely be going back to her! She is also very knowledgeable about hair products and educated me on how to get the most volume out of my fine hair.